Tuesday, April 15, 2014

...A Song I wrote last night...

....This is a song I wrote yesterday afternoon, and I produced it (Recoded it and stuff) last night... and I just found time to upload it today. :) ...its really short... like the shortest song I've ever written, ...I might make an extended version with a longer intro, but I like it the way it is ;)

The name of the song is almost a mixture between a metaphor and a memory, so if it doesn't seem to fit that is okay ;)

Enjoy! ...and, dont forget to comment!



  1. Yay! I love when you come out with new songs...any plans for an album?:) Nice song, I liked the middle part the best...and as you can tell I'm not musically knowledgeable enough to know what the technical term might be for it:p
    Keep up the awesome work, Michael!

  2. Oh, Thank you Julianne! ...Ehhh, I dont have any plans so far for an album... haha, the middle part? uhmm, Idk, it was a short song so its hard to think of how to split it up between "choris, verse and bridge" ...so uhmm, Im not very musically knowledgeable either, so I don't know? ...the middle part works for me ;D

  3. Wow, YOU'RE AMAZING! You should have at least 300 followers! Did you design the single cover? And the reviving a dream one, too? I enjoy drawing and photography and writing and crafting...I'm just an overall creative kind of person. :D See my blog: christianteenauthos.blogspot.com