Sunday, June 28, 2015

BLOGGER'S NOT DEAD!!!! ...(The Mona Lisa)

Ive heard it a few times this last year, and Ive even said it myself that "Blogger's Dead"
...But Im not ready to accept it's fate....
So I'm going to post a few posts and then maybe go back to forgetting I had a blog, BUT TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY! TODAY WE BLOG!!!!

The first thing I wanted to share was some of my recent ART:

The Mona Lisa

So I was at a job interview and the guy told me to sleep on it and give him an answer in the morning. ...But I couldn't sleep that night so I painted the Mona Lisa ....(it took me 4 hours)

Elegant Scribble

I actually did this one some time ago, but I wanted to share it. ...I was at an art contest and a girl asked to to draw her a picture, she said I could just "Scribble Anything" ...So this is what I came up with! ..hopefully Ill be posting new scribble pictures in the future

Hey if you can read this, YOU ARE AWESOME... HIGH FIVE!!! *BAM* THAT WAS COOL
...And that is all for now!

So Sherlock! ....Can I call you Sherlock??? Because you are an Ace Detective!
Okay fairwell to the few that remain! When I see you again I will return with an exciting update on the Color/Music Theory Ive been working on!
Okay now if you can read this I am MAJORLY IMPRESSED ...I may Hire you to find my lost uncle
-Au revoir!!!

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